1. Jazztrau
    Oslo, Norway
  2. Kafé Hærverk Presents...
    Oslo, Norway
  3. Chris Abrahams
    Sydney, Australia
  4. Anal Babes
    Oslo, Norway
  5. Buck Lauvdal Solberg
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Famlende Forsøk
  7. Flynotes
    Tallinn, Estonia
  8. Hayeminol
    Oslo, Norway
  9. Kanaan
    Oslo, Norway
  10. Kung Fu Girls
    Oslo, Norway
  11. Reynols
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  12. Hans Magnus Ryan & Thomas Strønen
  13. Tip the Scales
    Oslo, Norway
  14. Turbonecro
    Oslo, Norway
  15. Peeter Uuskyla, Tellef Øgrim, Anders Berg


Hærverk Industrier Oslo, Norway

Hærverk Industrier is a record label subsidiary of Kafé Hærverk, a concert venue, club, bar and record store located in downtown Oslo since 2017.

CUSTOMERS IN NORWAY: Please note that 25% value added tax (MVA) is added to all items for domestic orders!

We do not accept demos in any form!
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